The Best Chemical Inventory Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is an all-in-one safety platform that you can also use for tracking chemical inventory. The platform offers various checklists, from safety data sheets, all the way to hazardous substances checklists. SafetyCulture also allows you to track all your assets on the app while also using various sensors to monitor your inventory and ensure that all items are stored in the right environment.


  • Gain a bird’s eye view of your chemical inventory and assets in real time
  • Use checklists to ensure all bases are covered during inventory checks and audits
  • Generate PDF, Excel, and Web inventory reports for complete transparency
  • Report compliance issues and assign corrective actions right away to avoid non-compliance
  • Monitor your assets with the use of automatic sensors and keep them in the ideal environment

Why use ChemInventory?

If you need to manage your chemical containers and inventory, this is a great option for you. This platform is useful for academic, research, and industrial laboratories, which is why it’s a favorite in many industries. With all the inventory data it saves and its user-friendly interface, you’ll definitely want to try this platform out.


  • Safety data sheets and other information
  • Barcode scanning for chemical assets
  • Inventory sharing

Why use SciShield?

Formerly known as BioRAFT, SciShield makes it easy for organizations to keep track of all their inventory. The software is designed for laboratories, which is why you can use it to automate various practices and processes. That way, you reduce risks and standardize operations


  • Risk assessments
  • Manage safety data sheets
  • Regulatory compliance tools

Why use LabSoft LIMS?

LabSoft LIMS is a great tool for managing all relevant laboratory information. Since the app allows you to track and manage inventory, it’s become a very valuable tool for laboratories all over. If you want to streamline your chemical inventory management, this might be the right choice for you.


  • Reporting and analytics
  • Workflow management
  • Inventory tracking and management

Why use Quartzy?

Quartzy allows you to manage your chemical inventory via the cloud. This means you will have constant access to all your files and data. This simplifies how you keep an eye on your chemical inventory and ensure that your employees remain compliant when handling them.


  • Request order management
  • Communication tools
  • Data gathering and inventory tracking

Why use EHS Insight?

EHS Insight is built for general health and safety management. However, it comes with a host of great features that also make it a great chemical inventory software. With the checklists, workflows, and other great EHS Insight features, you can easily integrate this software with your chemical inventory management system.


  • Chemical inventory audits
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Safety data sheet management

What is Chemical Inventory Software?

Chemical inventory software allows you to digitize your chemical inventory management system. These tools give you a bird’s eye view of your inventory at all times. With the right software, you can track all your chemical assets and ensure that they are stored properly. Additionally, you can report whenever an asset is used or goes missing. That way, you won’t have a hard time tracking it and determining where it went.

When you add chemical inventory software to your tool kit, you can start managing your assets from one platform. This makes it easier to standardize processes and ensure that everyone in the team handles chemical assets properly and reports all issues that require attention.


There are many benefits to adopting chemical inventory software and digitizing the management process.

To start, chemical inventory software makes it much easier to gather and analyze data about the chemicals used at work. It’s important to always check on your assets and collect as much information as possible, especially for workplaces that handle, use, or store hazardous chemicals. That way, you can find potential risks, determine areas or processes that require attention, and assign corrective actions whenever an issue arises.

On top of that, a digital management system is much easier to use. Since all the data and tools you need are in one place, you won’t have to store paper documents, manually search for files, and do more just to check your inventory. Instead, you can check on everything from your computer, greatly improving the way your team operates.

Key Features

Teams must look for chemical inventory software with specific features that handle their needs. However, there are some basic features that you will in any chemical inventory system. Some of these key features include:

  • Barcode scanning and RFID tracking
  • Checklists to use for audits and inspections
  • Safety data sheets
  • Inventory and expiry date monitoring
  • Compliance tracking

Choosing the Right Software

The selection above features all of the best chemical inventory software available. However, if you need to compare the different options quickly, here’s a short breakdown of the options above:

Chemical Inventory Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
ChemInventory Yes $56/year No
SciShield No $1,000/month No
LabSoft LIMS No $50,000** No
Quartzy No $159/month* No
EHS Insight No $3,600/year Yes

* billed annually
** one-time payment

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