Top 7 Retail ERP Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

A digital platform known for revolutionizing safety and quality management, SafetyCulture offers one of the best ERP software for retail businesses. Its comprehensive features give users 360-degree visibility into the operations, allowing them to track and monitor key metrics and ensure that the ERP system meets business needs. It is also incredibly versatile and highly customizable, allowing companies to integrate it into their current system with ease. Most importantly, it can be used in real-time, even offline, as information is automatically synced to the cloud once the connection is established. 


  • Streamline data collection in all processes, ensuring accurate information by utilizing customizable checklists for daily inspections, audits, and compliance requirements. 
  • Enable precise identification of issues and resolve them promptly by pinpointing the source with the help of Sites and geo-tagging features.
  • Provide complete historical data of all assessments, compliance reports, and employee certifications by securely storing these in a centralized data repository and making them accessible to stakeholders. 
  • Review KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and other metrics to inform decision-making and promote operational efficiency. 
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration across departments by informing them about action plans or assessment results via Heads Up. 

Why use Lightspeed?

Formerly known as Vend, Lightspeed provides companies with a single, centralized platform on which various processes can be integrated even from multiple locations. By streamlining the workflow, companies can minimize costly errors, speed up check-outs, and ensure top-notch security and compliance.


  • Inventory Management
  • Marketing and Loyalty Programs
  • Multiple Location Management

Why use NCR VOYIX Counterpoint?

A fully integrated platform that includes hardware, NCR VOYIX Counterpoint empowers every worker to accomplish their tasks efficiently. It also has extensive e-mail marketing capabilities and a mobile POS system that successfully attracts customers. With this ERP for retail, companies can stay competitive in the ever-changing business landscape.


  • Retail Management Solution
  • Mobile Point of Sale
  • Inventory Management

Why use Erply?

Trusted by over 400 well-known stores, this comprehensive ERP for retail industry assists companies in managing various workflows to increase efficiency and productivity. On top of helping employees accomplish their day-to-day activities, this platform is also easy to use for customers.


  • POS with Self-Check Out Options
  • Product Information Management
  • Warehouse Management

Why use RELEX?

A highly acclaimed supply chain and retail planning digital solution, RELEX enables companies to unify various processes, from demand planning all the way to sales. With its numerous features, this ERP software for retail business helps departments to effectively anticipate demand, optimize merchandising, and increase sales with lesser operational costs.


  • Demand Planning
  • Merchandising (Assortment, Floor, and Promotion Planning)
  • Workforce Optimization and Management

Why use Brightpearl?

A comprehensive retail operating system, Brightpearl by Sage makes sure your investments are worthwhile by streamlining daily operations and intelligently planning inventory, merchandising, and marketing. And because this is part of the extensive Sage platform, users can easily integrate it with other solutions for increased productivity.


  • Inventory & Order Management
  • Shipping & Fulfillment
  • Warehouse Management

Why use Retail Pro?

Ranked as a top Point-of-sale system for mid-market retail, Retail Pro unifies all data – from product inventory to customer information – in a single central dashboard to streamline operations and increase revenues. What makes this the best retail ERP software for over 50,000 stores globally is that it allows companies to adapt to regional requirements, particularly with fiscal and tax laws.


  • POS and Retail Management
  • Reporting and Visual Analytics
  • Loyalty and Personalized Marketing

What is Retail ERP Software?

Retail ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is a comprehensive business management solution created specifically for the retail industry. Its predominant function, integrating business processes from procurement to sales into a unified system, provides businesses with a holistic view of their operations. It helps streamline workflows, enhances decision-making, and improves overall efficiency. The success of retail companies, from small clothing shops and mom-and-pop groceries to large home depots and supermarkets, is bolstered thanks to this software.


Managing retail stores is incredibly complex due to diverse operations, inventory, and compliance issues, especially for large enterprises. An ERP solution can simplify various workflows, making it an invaluable tool. Here are the top three reasons for companies to consider leveraging this technology:

Boosted Workflow Efficiency

Data silos and poor visibility result in inefficient processes. By providing all departments real-time access to data, every personnel can do their tasks better. For instance, warehouse staff can go through the digital inventory of what the shop has and what it needs to procure through any mobile device, making this job easier and faster.

Improved Financial Management

Retail industries rely on accurate accounting for success. By automating tasks (e.g., invoicing, billing, and reporting), the company does not have to worry about cash flow issues. And with the help of analytics, they can audit their finances better and make improvement plans.

Enhanced Stakeholder Relationship

Businesses in this industry deal with people all the time, from suppliers and vendors to customers and potential clients. By centralizing data, companies understand what stakeholders need and how they can provide these. With this platform, overall retail management can be directed towards customer satisfaction and better relationships with their partners.

Key Features

While numerous applications help companies deal specifically with inventory, store audits, employee management, and analytics, comprehensive ERP for retail includes all those as a module. Check out its essential functionalities below:

Selecting the Right Retail ERP Software

The primary purpose of ERP software for the retail industry is to consolidate and speed up core business activities, including inventory management, order processing, customer relationship management (CRM), financial management, and more. The options described above can enable your company to manage all those workflows seamlessly. Take another look at the named platforms in this summary:

Retail ERP Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Lightspeed Yes $69/month * Yes
NCR VOYIX Counterpoint No Contact for pricing Yes
Erply Yes $39/month * Yes
RELEX No Contact for pricing No
Brightpearl No Custom quote Yes
Retail Pro No Custom quote Yes

* billed annually

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