Create with AI

Power up your SafetyCulture experience with AI

Create a personalized checklist or training course – in seconds! Explore our new AI-powered features that have been seamlessly integrated into your favorite platform.


Effortless checklists at your fingertips

Digitize any process, procedure, or policy easily in seconds. Type in your prompt, upload a PDF, or take a photo. Within seconds AI will create a digital copy ready for use. If the AI template generated isn’t 100%, you can edit before you publish.


Unlock your best training with AI

Generate engaging courses with just a click of a button with our AI course creator – no research or brainstorming required.

Create new courses on demand

Spot a procedure error? Enter the process name or equipment model to receive a built-out course in seconds. Available to any member in your team… even on mobile!

Digitize your workplace

Convert paper into interactive courses you can access from anywhere. Snap a photo or upload a file, and transform static docs into dynamic, engaging slides.

Stay ahead without the hassle

Keep your training current by letting AI suggest questions, add new slides, and expand existing courses.

Speak your team's language

Instantly translate courses into your choice of 100+ languages with AI translation, allowing you to deliver training in their preferred language.


Powering platform excellence

We turn insights into action by suggesting targeted courses for you. From Analytics, spot trends in failed items, then with a click-of-a-button generate a course to bridge the demonstrated knowledge gaps

A better way of working - powered by AI tools