Introducing Forrester's new study: The Total Economic Impact™ of SafetyCulture's Operations Platform

Unlock 214% ROI over 3 years with SafetyCulture

SafetyCulture’s Operations Platform delivers frontline technology and training that bridges the gap between HQ and worker IQ — but what does that really mean for an organization’s ROI? We commissioned Forrester Consulting to dig into the potential Return on Investment (ROI).

This study examines the potential return on investment (over three years) organizations may realize by deploying SafetyCulture’s Operations Platform (comprised of SafetyCulture (iAuditor) and EdApp). By moving towards proactive operations management with SafetyCulture, organizations can build a system of accountability and a bias towards action whilst also unlocking benefits such as….

  • $3.68M in cost savings from operational improvements: Increased cost savings from digitization, streamlining of business processes and improved insights for continuous improvement initiatives
  • $3.55M in safety & compliance cost savings: Organizational improvements in safety and compliance management resulted in reduced workplace incidents, saved reporting time and reduced hours spent on mandatory training
  • $73.9k additional income from operational improvements: Improved manufacturing processes resulted in uplifts in operating income
    Uplift of product / service quality and improved learning experience