Onboard, train, and upskill your team in no time

Train your teams on the same platform you use to conduct inspections, so they get the knowledge they need to be safe and compliant.

Built for the way your team works

Deliver bite-sized workplace training that fits into the flow of your team’s work – not disrupt it. With training accessible on any device, it’s easy to put employee training software in the hands of every team member and external contractor – no matter where they are.

Take the burden out of compliance: Track every training interaction

Assess and track your team’s knowledge in person and in-app to pinpoint areas for improvement and ensure they perform tasks correctly and safely for easy risk management.

Onboard new team members

Take them through digital training

Assess knowledge on the job

Track performance

Put training into the hands of every worker

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Create with AI

Create training with a click of a button

Convert paper docs to digital lessons in seconds. Or create training the moment you see an issue. All from your mobile device. Just enter a prompt or take a picture, and let the AI course creator do the rest. Easily access equipment manuals, SOPs, and new workplace training anywhere.

Training Library

Choose courses made for you by industry experts

Launch any of our 1,000+ training courses in our library to your teams in minutes – at no extra cost. So you can deliver health and safety training designed by industry experts like HACCP and ASSP to your teams, faster.

Creator tool

Build your own with drag-and-drop tools

Train up your team in real-time. Choose from 80+ templates and enhance your workplace training with video, quizzes, assessments, and more. Quickly turn dry safework documents and processes into engaging training courses.

Reporting & management

Engage your teams and pinpoint issues early

Get a clear view on your team’s knowledge gaps with analytics, so you can deliver and optimize training in real-time before it becomes an issue or a liability. Our learning management system makes it easy for you to enhance your training courses with engagement features.

Licenses & Credentials

Keep track of your team’s qualifications

Safety and compliance has never been easier. Save all of your team’s licenses and certificates in one place. Keep track of which ones are valid, expired, or expiring soon, so you know who needs to renew or update their qualifications, and so does each individual team member.

All-in-one platform

Make training a part of your improvement movement

Give your frontline everything they need to act, observe, and learn from the SafetyCulture platform. Make training a part of how your team mitigates risk and improves every day. Create behavioral change with Training.

Experts in training

Let us do the hard work for you

We’re here to help. Our team of training experts is here to support you throughout the entire process. So you can convert your SOPs and safework docs into interactive, bite-sized training without lifting a finger.

Book a demo

Tell us a little about yourself and we’ll connect you with a training specialist to take you through the platform tour and chat through your training needs.


Workplace training courses are educational programs designed to equip employees with the skills and knowledge essential to their work. These courses can range from onboarding to specialized training for upskilling or compliance requirements. 

Workplace training is important for both employees and businesses as it helps maintain high standards of practice, ensures safety and compliance, and boosts efficiency and productivity. Investing in workplace training fosters continuous improvement, leading to many benefits that contribute to the growth and success of the organization.

Our course library offers a diverse range of topics and specific skills essential for various industries. These courses range from enhancing enterprise skills, administrative abilities, and to ensuring compliance with industry and regulatory standards.

SafetyCulture enhances workplace training by providing a platform for creating and delivering digital work instructions, operating procedures, and guides to ensure that every team member has the knowledge and skills they need to do their job. Training courses can be delivered and taken on mobile devices, making it easier for team members and external contractors to access – wherever they are. It comes with in-built analytics tool so you can assess progress, completions, and certifications.

Yes, users can choose from over 1,000+ courses to customize or deliver right away to your team.