From Flagged to Fixed: Closing the Continuous Improvement Loop

Bringing your Workflows into SafetyCulture using Inspections, Actions, Issues and HeadsUp.

How do we create a continuous improvement flow state – where the right information flows to and from the right people, at the right time?

Connecting all your workers and the information residing within your business will elevate worker confidence, improve your operations, and increase productivity. Follow the journey from Flagged to Fixed and bring your existing workflows into SafetyCulture as part of this interactive session with Kevin Gausch, covering:

  • Capturing data and information from your people, places, and things through inspections, sensors, issues, and integrations
  • Analyzing data and results to spot trends, opportunities, and learnings
  • Leveraging that data analysis to set clear, defined targets and plan your processes
  • Communicating out processes and improvements to your workforce and leaders
  • Empowering workers to take action and drive positive change through actions and issues
  • Cultivating a continuous improvement culture with training

…and repeat!

Audits and inspections are just the tip of the SafetyCulture iceberg. Tap into the power of your SafetyCulture platform to take your business to the next level

About the speaker: Kevin Gausch

Kevin has a Lean and Six Sigma Black Belt from Villanova University and is a Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence through ASQ, with a focus on the construction industry. Kevin brings 13 years of Quality and Project Management experience in the utility contractor space.As a Customer Engagement Executive for SafetyCulture, Kevin has 5 years experience of deploying and managing SafetyCulture (iAuditor) for over 600 users across all lines of business in the utilities market, as well as incorporating customers and other contractors from a process flow and analytics perspective. Combining his hands-on experience with in-house expertise, Kevin will help you unlock the potential of the SafetyCulture platform to push your business to the next level. 

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