Is your Frontline in Crisis?

Leveraging SafetyCulture to empower, protect and retain your frontline workforce.

They hold consumer safety, product quality and brand reputation in their hands. But are we giving our frontline workers the tools and support they need to do their best work, every day?

Our latest Feedback from the Field report shows more than half of the frontline workforce (54%) would leave frontline work altogether, if they had the opportunity. In this webinar, Gary delves into our latest research and helps us get ahead of the crisis brewing on our frontline. We’ll discuss how you can leverage SafetyCulture to:

  • Help frontline staff quickly report safety issues, with confidence they’ll be addressed

  • Provide continuous learning, ensuring frontline staff feel invested in and confident in their work

  • Give visibility of solo or remote workers

  • Empower frontline workers with a voice

  • Relieve frontline pressure through simplified, centralized workflows

About the speaker: Gary Bonnett

With over 20 years of QHSE, Life Safety, and Emergency response experience in the civilian, military, and mining sectors, Head of Customer Engagement Gary Bonnett is a renowned expert in his field. Former QHSE Director at BOS Solutions and an avid ex-customer of SafetyCulture, Gary has many years of hands-on experience applying the platform to a vast array of operational challenges, with huge success.

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