Optimize your Assets: Proactive Equipment Management with SafetyCulture

Drive efficiency, reduce downtime, and extend the lifespan of your assets through 360-degree, proactive management.

Unplanned downtime costs manufacturers and organizations an eye-watering $50 billion a year; yet, much of that is avoidable with the right processes, tools, and data.

In this webinar, Tiffany explores how we can drive efficiency, reduce downtime, and extend the lifespan of our assets through 360-degree, proactive management. We’ll explore how you can use SafetyCulture to:

  • Schedule and seamlessly manage all preventative, mandatory, and regular asset checks

  • Get real-time visibility of asset issues, notifying relevant stakeholders for proactive, preventative maintenance in-between inspections and reducing unplanned downtime

  • Train staff on safe handling and equipment use, reducing incidents and overall risk

  • Assign actions in real time for faster resolution and more efficient workflows

  • Capture all evidence mapped back to assets for auditing, reporting, and analysis

  • Communicate safety alerts, changes in process, training requirements or toolbox talks for optimized asset management across your organization

About the speaker: Tiffany Argent

A passionate Health and Safety professional with CMIOSH status, Tiffany has a foundation in the science sector and extensive experience in both manufacturing and logistics industries.

Former QHSE Manager for UK & Ireland at DB Schenker, Tiffany has proven success creating safety cultures within businesses through training, innovative techniques, positive communication, and her employee-first approach. From improved incident reporting to a reduction in accidents and fewer non-conformances, Tiffany has the expertise and experience you need to start applying best practices within the SafetyCulture platform and transforming the safety culture of your own organization.

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