Virtual SafetyCulture Bootcamp

Join us virtually for live SafetyCulture training with the experts. Deep-dive into our platform’s features, learn best practices, and master tips for optimization.

Event details

  • 13 June 2024
  • 8:00 am - 10:30 am (GMT+00)

Ready to level up with SafetyCulture? This virtual Bootcamp is ideal for all Admins or Users looking to elevate their product knowledge or understanding of the SafetyCulture Platform.

Join us for a complete overview or all aspects of the SafetyCulture Platform or hand-pick your sessions from the agenda to suit your needs. With each section, we’ll give you real-life examples, share customer use cases, and give practical, hands-on demos to get you confident applying what you learn to your own account.

In this Bootcamp, you’ll learn:

– To optimize and unlock the value of the SafetyCulture platform for your organization
– The latest product updates and roadmap
– To design Templates for the data outputs you need
– Best practices for utilizing the analytics dashboard
– Strategies to drive data-centered decision-making
– To use the collaborative Actions functionality and Issues QR codes
– To continuously improve by upskilling and training teams

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