7 Best Enterprise Feedback Management Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

Regarded as one of the most innovative software platforms, SafetyCulture has all the tools required for crafting, disseminating, and collecting surveys. It is highly versatile and scalable, great for small start-ups with over a hundred customers and global enterprises with thousands of employees across regions. But what makes this a truly effective enterprise feedback management system is its mobile-first approach. It allows respondents to provide answers using any device, immediately alerts businesses of incoming surveys, and enables managers to gain insights for improvement.


  • Tailor surveys so they are focused, relevant, and aligned with the organization’s needs by utilizing customizable forms (e.g., customer preferences, client satisfaction, site safety) downloadable from the Public Library.
  • Facilitate efficient information dissemination and two-way feedback, resulting in transparency and responsiveness within the organization, with the help of Heads Up.
  • Enhance the analytical capabilities of the EFMS by seamlessly integrating it into the current system and incorporating it with other solutions or applications.
  • Create paper trails of all surveys and ensuing reports generated, secure them in a centralized repository with role-based access, and organize them for easy sharing in the future.
  • Transform the feedback into actions for tangible improvements by assigning specific tasks to relevant personnel, addressing issues promptly, and reporting its completion.

Why use Medallia?

Named a leader by The Forrester Wave and used by some of the most renowned global companies, enterprise-grade Medallia provides clients with a rich view of customer and employee opinions. Powered by AI and machine learning, users can efficiently analyze information collected, gain insights, make decisions, and prioritize for the future.


  • Omni-Channel Data Capture
  • Employee Engagement
  • Customer Lifecycle Insights

Why use Qualtrics XM?

A comprehensive experience management platform, Qualtrics XM helps companies know what their people and clients need so they can deliver it. The software solution offers three different suites: Customer Frontlines, People Teams, and Research & Strategy. Considered one of the best XM tools, this is used by over three million people today.


  • Pre-Built Survey Templates
  • Stats iQ or AI-Powered Analytics)
  • Enterprise-Grade Security

Why use SurveyMonkey?

The go-to survey management platform by numerous Fortune 500 companies, SurveyMonkey enables users to transform employee and customer feedback into action, spurring business growth and innovation. Aside from its incredibly low-cost plans, the digital solution provider offers pre-built forms and questionnaires free of charge.


  • Question Bank
  • Survey Reminders for Respondents
  • Integrations with 100+ applications

Why use AskNicely?

With hundreds of five-star reviews from highly-regarded tech sites, AskNicely helps businesses get to know the needs of their workforce, employees, and other stakeholders. With the information they acquire, users can effectively inspire their employees, evaluate customer experience, and ensure success for their bottom line.


  • Customer Feedback with Net Promoter Score®
  • Performance Tracker
  • Team Analytics

Why use Podium?

An award-winning marketing platform, Podium offers a feedback management solution that utilizes text messaging. Aside from lead generation, this communication tool is also effective for one-on-one surveys. Because responses are provided in real-time, users can handle issues and make the necessary adjustments or improvements faster.


  • Automated Review Invitations
  • Text-Based Chat
  • Instant Online Review Capture

Why use Reputation?

Companies that want to improve their customer experience should give Reputation a try. This all-in-one cloud-based platform has a wide range of features that beat traditional survey methods. Best of all, it translates data from their current and targeted clients into operational insights that help the business improve, grow, and thrive.


  • Survey Creation and Analysis
  • Centralized Review Monitoring
  • Workflows with Automated Ticketing

What is Enterprise Feedback Management Software?

Enterprise Feedback Management Software (EFMS) is a comprehensive digital platform that aids companies in gathering feedback from their employees, customers, targeted audience, and other stakeholders. It facilitates systematic information gathering, management, and analysis, providing companies with data-driven insights and enabling them to continuously improve services, products, and practices.


Creating and conducting surveys can be incredibly challenging, particularly for large enterprises that need to collect a considerable amount of information from various sources. Apart from low response rates, survey fatigue, and lack of response authenticity, diverse answers can be confusing and laborious to deconstruct. A software solution made specifically for enterprise feedback management helps a great deal, providing the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Employee EngagementEngaged employees contribute better to the company because the leadership shows that their opinions matter. Creating easy-to-complete surveys and disseminating them through a structured platform fosters a positive workplace culture that ultimately benefits the organization.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making – With the help of built-in analytics, HR managers and other relevant personnel can systematically analyze feedback in a shorter amount of time. Accurate results help organizations make informed choices, optimize processes, and align strategies with their stakeholders’ actual needs and preferences.
  • Improved Customer SatisfactionPersonal sentiments from customers and potential clients matter. It is crucial to ask them what they think about the company’s offering and business processes as these directly impact revenues and reputation in the industry.

Organizations across industries understand that implementing a feedback system is a must to get to know their stakeholders better. Unfortunately, some still fail to succeed in this endeavor. Companies like Fresh & Clean and Infravision stay ahead of the curve because they utilize a full-featured EFM software solution, helping them collaborate with their workers and draw in more customers.

Key Features

Generic survey apps may work for creating, disseminating, and collecting feedback. However, most have limited features that may not be helpful for what large enterprises require. An EFMS, on the other hand, encompasses more functions:

Selecting the Right Enterprise Feedback Management Software

HR teams, product development teams, marketing departments, quality assurance supervisors, and customer experience managers will benefit from any of the EFMS detailed above. Before choosing one, take a look at the summary provided:

Enterprise Feedback Management Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Medallia No Contact for pricing Yes
Qualtrics XM Yes Contact for pricing Yes
SurveyMonkey Yes $25/user/month* Yes
AskNicely No Custom quote Yes
Podium No $249/month* Yes
Reputation No Contact for pricing Yes

*billed annually

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